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Which Are the Factors that Can Affect Men Sex Life

Men sex life can be affected by many factors, and that can apply to young men, as well. The myths according to which only old men encounter sex problems are false, as there are many problems that individual who are in their twenties have to deal with. Here are just a few aspects that must be considered in order to get a better idea on the issues that can interfere with a man’s sex life.


Based on multiple studies, chronic depression affects every thing that happens in your daily life, meaning that your sex life will also have to suffer when you are going through such a phase. Not being in the mood for doing anything at all includes not being able to have intercourse as well, and that can have a negative impact on your relationship. However, feeling sad and having a low self-esteem is not the only thing that can interfere with your sex life, because there are certain medicines that doctors prescribe for depression, which can also lower your libido. Therefore, proper measures need to be taken before unwanted consequences will start to appear.

High blood pressure

Having a high blood pressure can prevent you from enjoying many life activities, including sex. Giving that the circulatory patterns that exist in the human body change when someone suffers from high blood pressure, the arteries’ inner lining are damaged, and that leads to a decreased blood flow in the penis. Impotence and premature ejaculation problems are just a few of the symptoms that men have to face in this case, which can result into a lack of sexual desire.

Prostate enlargement

Prostate dysfunctions are linked to erectile problems, as they can be the main cause of an unsatisfying sexual life. Although a prostate enlargement is a condition that causes inconveniences in the bathroom, treating it according to the doctor’s advice can create other issues, such as an erectile dysfunction, and a lack of sexual appetite. So, you must make sure that the medicines that you take for treating an enlarged prostate won’t cause any sexual side effects. The best thing that you can do is talk to your physician, and ask him what type of foods and natural remedies could help you maintain a normal sexual life. When you have to follow a treatment that relieves an enlarged prostate, the easiest way to prevent sexual dysfunctions is to stay informed and adopt a healthy lifestyle.

How to deal with erectile dysfunctions

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