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Tips for a Happy Family

Articles on marriage and family can teach us a lot of things as they present exterior point of views that can broaden our horizons. The family is still the founding unit of our society; we need this kind of structure because over thousands of years of civilization, we realized it is the best way for us to evolve quickly, to survive in bigger numbers, and to have happy, fulfilled lives. However, maintaining a happy family can also be a lot of work; just consider the fact that (indifferent of blood ties), each member of your family is an individual with unique personality, and their own needs, preferences and moods. As your children grow, they too will become more individual, and instead of trying to make them see things your way, try to embrace the differences and welcome them as much-needed diversity.

Most articles on marriage and family highlight the fact that the secret to a a happy family lies in the small, everyday gestures and not in the way we react to important situations. In order to make sure your family is happy, there are day to day things you can do, little details and attentions; this applies to every member of the family, and everyone must try to do something nice or helpful for the others. In fact, this is one of the most important things to remember in a family, that the main reasons for having it is so that you can draw love, friendship, support and help from it. Whenever someone is having a bad day, their parents, children or siblings are there to listen and offer a helping hand; therefore, the first advice is to be emotionally available to all of your family, to try and be understanding and accepting of their differences.

But we can also do practical things for our family that shows we love them; whether you’re the mom, dad or child, cooking a special meal for the others can go a long way and will be appreciated. Mothers are used to checking every details about their family, and they always know when you need a new pair of shoes, when you need a haircut, when you should be eating, and so on. This kind of attitude can extend to other areas of family life, such as bringing improvements to your house that the entire family can enjoy; for example, don’t put off improvements such as adding a dehumidifier, installing heated flooring, or repairing broken objects, this is something that affects everyone, and which will therefore benefit everyone.

It is important that everyone have a set role in the family; first of all, equality should rule, and standards that apply to children should mostly apply to parents as well. This refers to both rights and obligations, and it improves the sense of bonding between members. Try to create a family tradition, a quality time project that you can practice weekly; whether you prefer playing boardgames, going to the park together, or baking something sweet, it should be an activity that encourages communication and sharing, and which gives a good mood to everyone.


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