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The Dangers of Permissive Parenting

As you probably know by now, there are four main parenting styles: authoritative, authoritarian, permissive and uninvolved. Aside from the authoritative parenting styles, the rest of the four main parenting styles are believed to have severe negative consequences on a child’s emotional development. Today we are going to talk about what we consider to be the worst parenting style: the permissive parenting. We will also provide you with some easy parenting tips which will help you avoid this parenting style.

  1. 1. What defines the permissive parenting style?

Permissive parents are the ones who spoil their children and obey all of their children’s requests. These parents don’t realize that they are doing something bad. They consider their behavior to be a reflection of the love that they have for their children.

  • 2. Signs that give away permissive parents

For starters, parents which impose no limits, rules or routines for their children are clearly permissive parents. These parents are also constantly trying to avoid conflicts with their children. rather than confront the bad behavior they prefer to reward it in order to avoid a fight, hoping that the children will behave better in the future due to the reward. However children associate the bad behavior with the reward and they grow up thinking that they can get away with anything they want if they throw a tantrum. Permissive parents are also constantly making excuses for their children’s failures, bending over backwards in order to be seen as friends by their teen children and are making financial sacrifices in order to purchase unnecessary and highly expensive gadgets for their kids.

  • 3. Consequences of permissive parenting

The main mistake that permissive parents do is the fact that they do not realize that all of their actions affect the children’s development. Furthermore, they only focus on the children’s happiness in the present instead of trying to shape the kids into good people. Children who have permissive parents are usually selfish and don’t know the value of honest work. They are not motivated in school and have poor professional results as adults. Furthermore, they never develop real respect for the parents and often blame them for all of their failures. Needless to say that children who have permissive parents have problems recognizing authority. They maintain their defiant attitude even through their adult years which makes them very uncooperative in working environments.

It is important for all parents to know that all of their actions and their words have a deep impact on children. When the children are little, their personalities are unshaped and they accumulate everything that they see or hear. If you reward a child’s bad behavior, the child will associate bad behaviors with rewards. If you make excuses for a child’s failures that child will never learn to own up to their mistakes. If you want to educate you child in a proper manner, look for some easy parenting tips regarding positive parenting techniques.


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