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The Best Water Filters Reviews

Depending on your needs, you can choose between many types of water filter that come with effective functions which are meant to provide the best performance. So, it’s time to invest some money in your health by finding a reliable machine that can allow you to drink tap water without worrying about all the impurities that can cause so many diseases. Therefore, we advise you to read some effective water filters reviews that will help you make the best decision.

Common water contaminants

Lead is a metal used in household plumbings, which means that it can be found very easily in your drinking water. Ingesting lead is very dangerous, especially for children who can experience delays in mental and physical development . However, it can also cause a large number of adverse effects in adults who might have to deal with deficits in attention and a high blood pressure, which is the main cause of heart attacks.

Chlorine is also a dangerous pollutant, even if it is used as a water additive by municipal water systems to reduce the number of microbes. Although it is essential for preventing many diseases from spreading, this powerful oxidant can dry out your skin and hair, but it can also provoke eyes irritations and stomach problems.

Considering the information that we can find in many water filters reviews, arsenic is one of the most dangerous pollutants that can exist in tap water, because it increases the risk of getting cancer. Moreover, it can affect your circulatory system, and it can lead to many skin problems, so it represents a serious threat that can have some bad consequences on the human body. That is why you must examine your water reports and find out if your local water contains this kind of contaminant. Based on the results of your reports, you must search for a water purifier that was designed to eliminate the pollutants that your tap water contains.

Types of water purifiers

Faucet-mounted water purifiers are very easy to install, but the most important thing is that they are ideal for drinking and cooking water. All you have to do is unscrew the aerator from your faucet and fix it on the filter. Still, according to some water filters reviews, they are not suitable for all faucets, and they slow down the water flow. So, if you think that you need other type of filter, we recommend you to use a counter top filter that can be mounted on the faucet after removing the aerator. This filter allows you to purify a big quantity of water, and it is very unlikely to clog like other devices do. However, if you don’t want to waste lots of space, we advise you to go for an under-sink device that can offer you the same benefits. Furthermore, if you want to cover every faucet and fixture from your home, we suggest you to buy a whole house water filter system that can provide you the best drinking, cooking and bathing water.


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