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Strep Throat Home Remedies

As the internet is such a complex source of information, more and more people have started to use it for medical reasons. While it is all right to try out natural home remedies for basic health problems, you should never neglect the importance of a health care provider. For example, a lot of people search the internet for pictures of strep throat, in an effort to auto-diagnose themselves. However, what may look like a basic sore throat can be a dangerous viral infection and you should seek the professional opinion of a physician. Once you are certain that you are indeed dealing with strep throat, you can try some natural remedies in order to avoid taking pills. In this article, we have gathered some simple yet efficient treatments for strep throat.

Honey mixture
The miraculous healing properties of honey are well known by most people. However, while we are aware of the fact that our pantry contains a miraculous natural treatment, we never turn to it when we most need it. Well, when dealing with a severe sore throat, you should try out the following recipe: mix 1 tablespoon of raw honey with half a tablespoon of cayenne and 3 cloves of grated garlic. This powerful combo is deadly to strep bacteria. Try to chew and swallow half a tablespoon of this natural mixture every half and hour. The unpleasant sore throat sensation will disappear sooner than you think. If you’re not sure whether you have this affliction, you can search for pictures of strep throat and compare, but it is just safer to go to the doctor and get a proper diagnosis.

Echinacea tea
This tea has amazing properties which boost the immune system, thus helping it fight against cold symptoms and sore throat discomforts. In order to enhance the healing properties of the Echinacea tea, stir in half a cup of fig sirup and ¼ tablespoon of cayenne, while the tea is still hot. You can also add ¼ tablespoon of peppermint oil. This mixture is a lot more powerful the basic Echinacea tea so mix 2 droppers of it with 4 droppers of water and gargle with the new mixture every half and hour. If your child is the one suffering from the sore throat use just one dropper of the throat tincture with 3 droppers of water and administer it every hour.

This are but two of the many homemade remedies that can ease the symptoms of sore throat. However, as we mentioned in the beginning of this article, it is best if a physician diagnoses before you start treating yourself. Pictures of strep throat may appear very clear, but the untrained eye can miss a serious infection and dismiss it as a sore throat. Home remedies are usually harmless, but they can worsen certain throat irritations.


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