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Projects that Bring the Family Together

There is no doubt about the major importance and influence parents have in their children’s lives; communication is very important, especially since it can become difficult due to generational gaps and also to the fact that each of us is unique, we have our own thoughts and opinions. Thus, we must learn how to accept others as well; but with the parent-child relationship, parents shouldn’t always be worried about their children liking them. In fact, it must be near impossible to raise a child the way you have to, and have them like you. But there are ways in which you can make the “lessons” easier to take; in fact, you can make your children enjoy learning about life and the world surrounding them.

Just like with animals in nature, the parent has an important role in passing on information to the child; this information will help them make their own way when they grow up. For us humans, the task is a lot more difficult, because unlike animals who pass on genetic information, we have to pass that information “artificially”, over the course of a lifetime. So if you would like to have a better relationship with your children, while also teaching them about communication, responsibility, and even other material facts of life, here’s what you can do: take up family projects. Working together with your children will give them a sense of adulthood, which is what all children strive for; they like to imitate us, so allowing them to perform some of the tasks which are considered “mature” will give them confidence and teach them the real rapport between work and satisfaction.

One such family project you could take on is planting a vegetable garden; there is nothing more worthwhile than growing your own food, and nothing more rewarding than seeing something grown by you. All you need is a couple of free afternoons, patience, gardening tools and the seedlings. This is a great opportunity to teach your children lots of other things, such as how to figure square footage; this is a helpful fact, and although they’ll learn about it in school, you don’t have to wait; you can teach it to them yourself, in a practical manner than makes sense and is clear. Thus, you can explain that learning how to figure square footage can be used for various purposes: for measuring out a garden, figuring out what size an irregular-shaped land has, valuing a property, and so on.

Family projects should be chosen so that they are fun for the children, they shouldn’t see it as a punishment; that way they see that parents can be fun too, but they will also feel like they have gained some recognition in the family, like they have proven themselves. So don’t hesitate to include them in other things, such as cooking, repainting a fence, washing the pet and so on. Without having forced it, you will create memories with your family members and bond, which is the best reward in life.


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