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Parents Guide to Healthy Eating Habits

The best way to make sure that your children have a healthy start in life is by teaching them to eat well. This article will give you some practical information about how to prevent and deal with common nutrition issues. The good news is that you don’t have to be a food expert to raise healthy kids. Our parents guide will provide some basic guidelines about how to encourage your kids to eat right.

Food habits usually develop in early childhood and can affect a child’s wellbeing and health later as adults. The food children eat is essential for their healthy development, and the way they eat it is important for establishing healthy attitudes. Even there are no specific maps to feeding children, this easy parents guide will help your kid develops healthy eating habits. Here are the key rules:

Control the supply lines

Although you don’t need a parents guide to know this, you decide what food to buy and when to serve it. Usually kids ask their parents for less nutritious foods that taste better, but the adults should be in charge and decide what food is stocked in the house. Your kids won’t go hungry, as they will eat what’s in the fridge. However, even if their favorite snack is not that nutritious, buy it from time to time so they don’t feel deprived.

Let them choose between the foods you offer

Even if you are in charge, you kids should have some say in the matter of choosing what they eat and whether they eat or not. Make sure you schedule meal and snack times and let them choose what to eat and how much from the selections you offer. Even if this seems like too much freedom, if you follow the first rule of the parents guide, your kids will only choose from the healthy foods you buy.

Stop forcing them to clean the plate

Even if many parents grew up under the clean plate rule, this doesn’t mean they should use the same methods with their kids. This approach will prevent children from listening to their own bodies when they feel full. If they notice and respond to these feelings, they will be less likely to overeat and less exposed to obesity.

Don’t teach them that food is love

Parent must find other ways to show their children that they love them. This is an important rule of the parents guide to healthy eating, as children who are rewarded with foods may start using food to cope with stress and other emotions. Instead of food treats, offer praise, attention and hugs.

Manage sweets

Even if occasional sweets are ok, avoid turning dessert into the main reason for eating a healthy meal. If you reward your kids for eating dinner with dessert, they will automatically place more value on the cookie than on the broccoli. Instead, try to have a neutral attitude towards foods.


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