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Parenting Teenagers: 10 tips

First we have to know when will our child become a teenager. Well usually this happens between the age of 8 year old and 17 years and it can be noticed by a change in the child behavior. Some may think about their career and ask you how to become a fitness model, an actress or a singer because they see beautiful women in pictures and TV shows. This is usually a phase that passes after their own identity matures. Another think that will give the process away would be the fact that parts of the child body will change this is caused by the natural increase of hormones in the body’s of the children like for the girls the estrogen hormone.

Another word used to define this transition between childhood and maturity is adolescence which is a word that originates from the Latin word adolescence which means to grow and it doesn’t refer only to the growth of the child from a physical point of view but also to the fact that their emotion, relations and responsibilities grow as well during this transition from childhood to becoming young adults; all this makes parenting teenagers harder then it should but yet again it is a normal and natural process.

You should talk with your teenager and when you do so you should do it as two friends having discussion and not like parent lecturing a children. Even if they ask you how to become a fitness model or a singer, you should give them pros and cons to choosing such professions instead of scolding them. That way, your children will learn that they can tell you anything without being afraid of immediate punishment, and you’ll see that they come to you with all honesty.

As soon as you notice these changes happening with your children you should take a hold of your status as a parent and whenever you get the chance you should estate a set of rules from which both you and your teenager should not deviate.

As a person directly involved in the parenting process you should lead by example in following these rules.

Rules are usually pointless if they are not designed to either protect or to facilitate the access to the reach of a certain goal. Make sure you don’t aim your teenager for goals to hard to reach.

Rules can be bent both by you and by your teenager make sure to always know how and when if at all any of you should bend any rule. This will most likely take place when you will make the mistake of being to hasty in assessing a situation therefore you will have to pay attention to that.

When your children dose a wrong choice your skill of parenting teenagers will kick in and will dictate you to point out the behavior of the teenager but you should fight this and find a better way of making him understand that you don’t agree with his actions or decisions.

No one except you and your wife/husband should be involved in your teenager parenting business.  You should never be afraid to share your thoughts, feelings, fears and love with your teenager all in the appropriate moments.

Try not to place your teenager in an unpleasant situation. He will notice it and he will thank you for not embarrassing him.


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