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Mum’s Beauty Secrets from Nature’s Pantry

Nature has been generous in every aspect and has offered us a solution to every problem and a response to every question, as long as we knew how to use nature to our benefit. Back in the days, the possibilities women had to improve their aspect were limited and they often had to resort to natural ingredients to prepare their creams, lotions, and other items that were designed to make them look better. Here are some of the most useful beauty secrets that our moms shared with us so that we would know how to take advantage of nature.

Non-toxic hair dye

Back in the days, when our moms wanted to dye their hair they did not have all the options we take for granted today. They were not able to find in stores all the hair dyes we can find nowadays and they often had to dye their hair with natural plants and foods, which was not such a bad idea, considering there was definitely less damage to the hair. If a woman wanted to dye her hair brown, she would use walnut leaves or coffee, if she wanted a red shade she would use henna and for blonde shades she resorted to chamomile.

Creams and masks from nature’s pantry

Fruits and vegetables are known for their nourishing properties and all the vitamins they contain, and this was something most moms used in their favor. Besides the delicious meals every mom cooks, they also used items from their pantry to create face creams, hair masks, and natural skin moisturizers. By mixing fruits, vegetables, honey, eggs, and oils they created great creams for every part of their body, from head to toe. The olive oil is good for the skin, honey is great for the neck skin, lemons are great for your nails, egg yolk is great for the hair, green tea and cucumbers are great for puffy eyes, and so on, all these are excellent beauty hacks from nature’s pantry that our mums used to look pretty.

Natural eyelash growth serum

The castor oil is known for its hair growth properties and has always been used in hair growth treatments, in combinations with other oils and vitamins. You can combine castor oil with olive oil, almond oil, coconut oil or avocado oil and add vitamin A or E to boost the hair growth. This mixture is great as an eyelash growth serum, an eyebrow growth serum and it also shows effects on your head hair.


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