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Instilling a Love of Music in Your Kids

One of the best things you can do for your children is teaching them to appreciate music. This can come in the form of learning an instrument, taking singing lessons or developing dance skills. Because music is such a broad subject, your possibilities for incorporating it into your life are only limited by your imagination. For instance, you can find summer music installations and public activities in your area.


For many families, the easiest way to teach children music is through their schools. This is not always accessible, however, because of budget cuts to education. This is where the growing movement of street pianos can come in handy. Many organizations around the world will place pianos outside and around town during the summer. These pianos are decorated by local artists and remain free to play during the season. In the fall, the instruments are tuned, repaired and donated to local schools.

If you live in an area where these pianos pop up, then you can spend the summer visiting the unique art installations and playing the keys with your children. You can even find the organizations online to make donations and find installation locations. If pianos are not your thing, then heading online can also help you find other local music activities, lessons and ideas.


Some of the leading benefits to teaching your children music include improved test scores, a better understanding of math and even an easier time learning a second language. This is because of the ways that music and learning how to play an instrument train your brain. Parents of special needs children can also see their children benefit from learning music because it can be both a creative expression and a learning activity in ways that few other things can.

Music can also be a good way to keep your kids entertained with an educational activity during breaks from school. Whether you are helping them practice an instrument at home or visiting a park for a piano art installation piece and a picnic. This can be a good way to relax the stress of the day while keeping the brain working hard and the spirit having fun.

The earlier you can instill a love of music in your children, the more benefits they can get from the activity. You can do this through instrument, voice or dance lessons and even find local activities such as outdoor piano installations during the summer to keep them engaged all year long.


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