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How to Survive a Family Vacation

Although family trips can be the ideal layouts for some quality family bonding time, sometimes they are very stressful, especially in large families. If you are looking forward to enjoying several days with your loved ones, remember that in group situations you must surrender control of your own time to the group. This can make you or other group members a little bit edgy. If you want to know how to survive a family vacation, take a look at these useful tips:


  • Make time for yourself

The most important tip on how to survive a family vacation is to plan some time for yourself. When the whole family is sitting at the table deciding the schedule of activities for the day, make sure you schedule minimum one hour for yourself. Spend that hour doing something that you love, such as reading, going to the gym, sauna or just walking around the block. If you spend the whole day going to a children’s film or chasing the kids with a bottle of sunscreen, you are going to feel edgy and tired. Prioritizing some time for yourself doesn’t mean that you are selfish.

  • Do something you never do at home

If you want to know how to survive a family vacation, the key is to do something new that you don’t normally do at home. Letting loose a little and enjoying the moment can be quite refreshing. Furthermore, engaging everyone in less than ordinary activities will make for great family bonding time. If it is raining outside and you are stuck in the hotel room, go for a walk in the pouring rain. If your children are having fun and rolling around in the sand, roll in the sand with them and remember what it was like when you were their age. If you can’t come up with a spontaneous idea, just follow their lead.

  • Don’t let time pressure you

Missing the plane, standing in a very long line because you didn’t manage to get there early or arriving late at a show can take the pleasure out of any vacation. If you are always screaming ‘Hurry up!’ you will soon feel exhausted. When you set the departure time, for every child or slowpoke adult, add another 15-20 minutes to the time it would usually take to get dressed and out the door. There are also other precautions you should take when you go on holiday, such as making sure your family is insured.

  • Everyone has a job

People get bored when they don’t have anything to do, especially children. A person who is not active can also get unpleasant and crack. If you want to know how to survive a family vacation, it is important to give everyone a job. Ask someone to be the navigator and keep track of where you are going, a scrapbooker to write a journal about the trip and take pictures and a banker to keep track of how cash is being spent. Halfway through the trip or on the return trip, switch jobs so everyone gets to do a new thing.


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