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How to Set and Achieve Goals for Teenagers

When a child reaches his teenage years he sets himself big goals but he does not know how to properly achieve them. As a parent it is very important that you teach your teenager fulfill those goals because they are part of a person’s life and the lessons they learn now will guide them through their adult life. Teenagers have to stay focused on what they have to do and you have to make sure that his odes so if you want him to have an organized life.

The first step you have to take is sit down with your teenager and have a fruitful conversation about the things that he wants and aspires to. The conversation with your child should be relaxed and simple so that he understands everything you are telling him. Whatever you do don’t give him a speech about life because the teenager has to do most of the talking. If your teenager has some ideas which you do not approve of you should first listen to his reasons, give him the chance to tell his part of the story.

Once he has told you what are his goals tell you teenager to write them on a piece of paper or in a notebook. In the list there should be two categories: one for long term goals and the other for short term. Let him write whatever she feel that is a goal and leave your personal opinions aside now.

When he has finished writing the goals you should once again sit down with your child and ask him what he thinks he should do in order to reach these goals. Under each goal write what he thinks are the steps you have to take in order to achieve them. Do this with every goal on the list.

After you have wrote the steps for every goal ask your teenager what he thinks is the hardest step to take and why. You should make your teenager think about what he would do if he would have to face a problem. Find ways to help your teenager achieve the short term goals.

When the conversation has ended make sure that you come back to it every week so that you can observe if your teenager has changed his mind about wanting something or if you can help him in any way. If he has abandoned one goal ask him why.


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