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How to resolve conflict

Having a family is a blessing gift, which is why we all need to show gratitude to our parents for being next to us for better or for worse. It is no secret that, when we experience hard times in our lives, no one better than our mom or dad can listen to us, comfort and support us in the decisions we are about to make. Moreover, the two that make a couple should respect each other and care for their newly born babies or for the toddlers, kids, teenagers they have around them, as this is the only possible way for a family to build a strong bond between its members. However, there are many families that are dysfunctional these days, due to the fact parents come to separate and even refuse to take parental responsibility of their children, leaving this task to their divorced wife or husband. Furthermore, you need to know many parents abuse their children and use harsh punishments on them so that they can be “corrected” and turned into obedient and docile kids. But, by doing so, parents succeed only in destroying their children’s self-esteem. Moreover, abused or beaten children and teens come to feel hatred towards their parents and hide their thoughts, beliefs and feelings from them. Somehow, it is no wonder that these soon-to-be grown-ups will return the favor to their parents in showing them the same “respect” they have been used to, later on. It is obvious that authoritarian parents will soon have to search for ways on how to resolve conflict inside the family, so that they can avoid unfortunate events from happening.

If you don’t want to turn your family into a dysfunctional one and seek for ways on how to resolve conflict inside the family, although certain dissensions, which may be blamed on generation gap, can still arise, you should know that communication could be the key to solving every issue or problem affecting your family. Similarly, the relationship between parents can affect the children; if they see the parents arguing all the time, they may start blaming themselves, or simply believing that this is a natural state of things. Spouses need to take time to resolve their issues, so a periodical family life marriage conference can be more useful than you think; whether held in the presence of a therapist or not, it can become the perfect environment where family members can talk about their issues and dissatisfaction without being interrupted or feeling judged. A family life marriage conference is supposed to be a safe yet open environment, and even couples who get along well can benefit from it because it helps prevent misunderstandings and resentment. Try to talk to your children as much as you can and also keep open various discussions, no matter if their subject refers to alcohol consumption, drug addiction, personal budget, hobbies, sports, special events and so on. It is very important to understand your kid’s needs and what his/her hobbies and dreams for the future are. Thus, you can prepare your children for adulthood and support them in the decisions they want to make in their future school education. If you choose to be your kids confident and friend, you are guaranteed not to have to look around for various ways on how to resolve conflict within your family.


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