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How to Nurture the Mother-Daughter Bond

The bond between a mother and a daughter is one of the strongest bonds in the world. However, if not nurtured properly, this bond can weaken up to the point that it breaks and it is replaced with family obligation and responsibility. In order to avoid this possibility, a mother must always invest time and money in protecting and strengthening the relation she has with her daughter. In order for the bond to be as strong as possible, it needs to be nurtured from an early age. Today, we are going to give you some suggestions that will help mothers get closer to their daughters.

Develop a routine
Spending time together is essential for a strong mother-daughter bond. In order for this quality time to come natural, it is best if it is integrated in a routine. When the child is little, the mother should encourage girly activities. For example, a daily health-beauty routine is a nice way to start. Try to do all your body care along with your daughter: wash your hair together, dry it together, get dressed together, wear matching outfits and so on. You can also encourage her to help you with the house chores. Girls are very enthusiastic when it comes to helping their mothers with the grown up activities. In a nutshell, when girls are little they see their mothers like role models. They try to dress like their mothers and act as them as well. If the mother encourages this behavior, she will ensure the fact that the girl will continue to see her as a role model even when growing up.

Know her interests
As we mentioned above, when girls are little, they are interested in anything that the mother says and does. In order for the mother-daughter bond to be strong, the mother must also show an interest in her daughter’s activities, taught and dreams. This gets a little more difficult as the girl grows and she starts interacting with more people and the time spent with the mother is diminished. Things are particularly difficult in the teenage years. During this time, the mother should try to keep her daughter’s interest by surprising her with girly things. For example, read beauty blogs in order to keep in touch with the latest trends. Pick a beauty blog and ask your daughter to help you choose a new haircut. However, when the daughters reach the teenage years, the mothers can get a little tired of always staying in touch with the trends. This attitude is noticed by the girls who at this point consider their mothers to be old fashioned. If you want to avoid this situation, try to find comfortable yet efficient ways to take care of yourself and ask for your daughter’s suggestion. For example, on Shaircuts.Net, you can find a lot of great short haircuts that are both easy to style and very trendy. Ask your daughter to browse the website with you and pick a new haircut for yourself. Who knows, maybe your daughter will also be in the mood for a look change and you can go to the hair salon together.

Share life experiences whether they are good or bad
A common mistake that most mothers make is to be over protective with their children and hide bad experiences from them. However, this behaviors can weaken the mother-child connection. A healthy mother daughter connection is based on mutuality so if you want your daughter to share her bad experiences with you without fear of judgment, you should do the same. Furthermore, when dealing with an unfortunate event such as the death of a family member, don’t try to hide your pain in order to comfort your daughter but grieve together. This type of openness will strengthen your connection. It is important to understand that after a certain age, girls want their mothers to be less motherly and more friendly. Even if your instinct will always tell you to protect your daughter, try to understand that she will soon be an adult and she will no longer require your protection but your unconditional love and support.


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