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How to Find The Best Humidifier for Your Toddler’s Room

A humidifier is a must have device for the nursery. This device is very good for newborns who are constantly suffering from dry skin discomforts. Since newborns are used to an environment with a higher level of humidity, they can have a hard time adapting to the dryness of air. Furthermore, these devices are also very useful later on, particularly if you are dealing with a toddler suffering from cold symptoms. However, there are a few safety issues which you must consider when choosing a humidifier for your toddler’s room.

1. Cool Mist or Warm Mist

The best humidifier for a baby’s room is a cool mist humidifier. Warm mist humidifiers usually work on an evaporation technology, which means that they feature a tank of boiling water that can be a safe hazard. Furthermore, the warm mist can often cause burns if it is sprayed directly on the skin. However, even if you choose a cool mist humidifier, you must still place it on a flat surface, and both the device and its cords should be far from the toddler’s reach.

2. Water purity

Most people who own a humidifier use it with tap water. In certain areas, tap water can be very hard and the heavy minerals found in it will transform into a fine dust that will be visible on your furniture. This isn’t just a matter of cleaning. That mineral dust can be harmful to the sensitive lungs of a toddler. In order to make sure that you are not exposing your toddler to any health risks, you must either use low mineral bottled water or tap water treated with a water softener. Nevertheless, the simplest and most comfortable solution would be to use a modern humidifier which filters the minerals along with other water contaminants. You can find a lot of useful reviews for such devices on the Safe Humidifier website. When browsing this website, try to find a humidifier which also features a humidistat, so that you can control the humidity levels in the baby’s room.

3. Regular cleaning

Before buying any devices for your baby’s room, you should do a thorough research on a professional website such as Safe Humidifier. However, no matter what type of humidifier you buy, it is essential to clean it regularly. If you are using hard tap water and a humidifier which traps minerals, you will have a hard time cleaning the device since the minerals will deposit on the inside of the humidifier. In order to clean the device properly, you must use a mixture of water and vinegar. Some people also use bleach or baking soda, but these cleaning methods are not adequate for a device which will be used in the nursery.


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