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How To Host a Wedding in Your Backyard

A wedding can be an expensive endeavor. From the venue and catering to music and wedding favors – the costs add up quickly! When it comes to wedding planning, one way to save big is to host it at home. It’s true that you might not be able to accommodate as many guests, but the upside is that you’ll be in a space that you know and love. Here are three things to keep in mind as you plan your at-home wedding.

Invest in Infrastructure

Even if the ceremony and reception are in your backyard, you’ll still need the infrastructure of a commercial space: tables, chairs, lighting, and tents (if there’s any chance that it might rain). Luckily, you can easily rent tents, chairs and tables for events hosted at home. For lighting, you should consider hiring a professional electrician to provide a consultation and set up your lighting system. You can search Commercial Lights Queensbury, or wherever you live, to find the right electrician for your needs. Fortunately, all of these items can get picked up or taken down after the wedding – leaving your backyard as good as new.

Review the Guest List

The guest list for your at-home wedding will almost certainly be on the smaller side, given space constraints. That means you’ll have to be extra-judicious as you narrow your guest list, making sure that all the most important people will be there without feeling obligated to invite those in the outer circles. Pay special attention to how you treat your neighbors. If you’re not planning to invite them, you should still let them know that the event is happening (since the crowd of people descending on your house will likely affect their afternoon as well). It would also be nice to send over a plate of food – it’s the least you can do to compensate for the music late into the night!

Get Comfortable

If you’re hosting your wedding at home, you should be able to enjoy being in your own environment. Rather than trying to force formality, let the quirks of your space shine! Hold the ceremony under that big tree in the middle of your yard, or nestle flower arrangements in the garden beds. You should also take advantage of your access to indoor space for staging caterers or offering a respite for your older guests. It’s your home and your special day, and you should make the most of both.

Though wedding planning can be stressful, hosting at home should alleviate some of that stress. Most importantly, no matter where you hold your wedding, remember to relax and enjoy getting ready for your big day.


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