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Enjoyable Family Gardening Activities

It’s always fun to attract your family into activities that help you bond and spend quality time together, especially if these activities also provide some useful products in the end. Gardening is such an activity that brings families together and helps all the members do something productive that they will be proud of. The following enjoyable family gardening activities will surely help you spend some time with your family while taking good care of your family garden.

Ask the kids to clean the soil

When you have a family garden, it’s best that you mix children in the gardening activities and that you draw tasks for them so that they will feel like they are also helping the plants grow. Choose small and easy chores for them, like scratching the soil with a rake. You can find in stores small rakes that children can use and you can even play games while doing so. Tell them that they are chickens looking for food in the soil and you will see how fun this will seem for them. The raking is good for the soil and it will help you get out all the twigs and dead leaves, meaning the playtime will also have benefits on the garden.

Plant the seeds together

Kids love to get messy and gardening is certainly an activity that ends with a lot of dirty clothes, but you must forget that when you ask your kids to help you in the garden. When you start planting flowers, fruits and vegetables, ask them to make small homes where plants will stay and they will surely love helping you. After you finish planting the seeds, you can use led grow lights to help the plants grow and bear fruits. These led grow lights will deliver a full spectrum of light to the plants and they will promote the growth just like the natural sunlight does.

Beautify the garden

Decorating the garden is something you can do with your entire family. You can paint the fences, make stone alleys, make decorations out of recycled items like bottles, used tires, glass jars or your old rubber boots, and any other creative activity that will require your imagination.

Create a watering system

The watering part can become an enjoyable activity if you lure your family into creating a watering system that is environmentally friendly. The easiest way is to use barrels to collect rain water that you will later use to hydrate the garden. Grab some plastic barrels and start painting them in bright colors that will cheer up the garden, then draw a hole in them and attach some garden hoses that you will use to water the garden.


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