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Effects of Teenage Pregnancy

Being a parent could mean a huge responsibility for people. Since early infancy, children need to be taught moral values and helped to understand what is good and bad in life. You should know that your kids have no one else caring for them more than you as parents. Family should be, for kids, a center of their world, or the first place where they can find support, understanding and unconditional love; not to mention that parents should be the first ones finding out about their children’s problems and fears. However, if you want to be the friend and confident of your kids, then you need to know that good parenting can make a difference in the way your kids or teens understand to communicate their problems and build a strong bond with you. Thus, you can avoid certain worrying issues from happening to your kids or teens, like some effects of teenage pregnancy for example.

Unfortunately, these days, there are many parents who believe that they can make their kids respect them and obey their rules by being severe and authoritarian. In fact, this parenting style is very wrong and the only things parents will achieve are to make their kids hate them and hide their thoughts from them. The same things will happen to the parents that are too understanding and who leave their kids do whatever they want without setting certain limits. It is important for a child to trust their parents enough to respect their moral values but also to feel safe enough to come to their parents with their health questions and answers. Many teenagers come to rebel and do unusual things for their ages. For instance, many young girls get pregnant when they are in high-school, which completely changes their lives. You should know that the effects of teenage pregnancy are various and mostly they refer to worrying issues. Most teens hide from their parents the fact that they are carrying a baby, who find out about their daughters’ condition when it’s too late and nothing could be done. Furthermore, an teenage pregnancy is a clear sign of immaturity and responsibility, but if you want to look at the bright side, it can also be like dodging a bullet. Lets face is a pregnant teenage child is the last thing that any parent ones, except for a severely ill child. Unprotected sexual intercourse can lead to numerous health problems, some of which can be fatal. So, don’t let your child go through this tumultuous part of his life, unaware of major health questions and answers. Be not only a guardian for your child, but a mentor.  Moreover, since pregnant teenagers don’t know how to care for their condition and to ensure their bodies with increased values of nutrients, they come to expose both their health and that of their unborn baby to certain major health risks. Babies can be born with respiratory or cardio-vascular problems and even with an underdeveloped intellect. Among other effects of teenage pregnancy, we also need to mention the fact that teen mothers leave high-school so that they can care for their babies, and most of them never come back in order to get a high-school diploma. Thus, their chances to get hired and follow a career path are narrowed down and they need to rely on their parents’ welfare.


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