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Can Shoveling Snow Put Your Health at Risk

Snow is the main characteristic of winter and although it can be fun and charming, it can also bean a blight for those who try to remove the excess snow from their yards and driveways. The wonderful landscape of white coat on the ground, children playing and throwing snow balls and smoky chimneys can be ruined by the blocked roads and cars stuck in drifts of snow.
Although it is the first solution that comes to your mind in order to get rid of the snow, the shovel is not the best option for your health. Shoveling snow can be dangerous and can cause you severe back pain, muscle soreness, breathing difficulties and even heart attacks.

Protect your back from exertion

Shoveling snow can seriously harm your back due to the repeated and uncomfortable movements and the overburdening of your body. As you bend over, you push the shovel in the thick layer of snow and you force your hands to lift the weight, you put an enormous pressure on your back. The excessive bending and swinging can cause serious damage on your back, such as muscle spasm, discopathy, fractures and hernia.

Take care of your heart

Shoveling snow can also be harmful for your heart due to the combination of cold temperatures and physical effort which can cause you a heart attack. Not only old people are prone to strokes when they try to shovel the snow, but also young and sedentary people who don’t take cautions before starting physical work. Do not eat heavy meals nor drink alcohol before going out in the snow or after you finished shoveling, stretch your body a little in order to heat your muscles and seize working if you start feeling chest pains, heavy breathing or nausea, because you can be experiencing a heart attack. Due to the fact that shoveling snow can take hours to complete, you must take regulate breaks to help your body and heart to relax and recover after heavy exertion.

Spare your back and heart with the snow blower

In order to keep you safe and healthy, you can replace the exhausting snow shovel with a comfortable and fast snow blower that can help you remove the snow in a short amount of time and minimum effort and pressure on your back and heart. If you check out the best snow blower reviews, you will see that these devices have powerful engines, large augers that crushes the snow and hand grips that help you guide it through the snow. As such, the snow blower is a healthy alternative to the snow shovel. nevertheless, be wary as there are several models to choose from. Always read the best snow blower reviews before deciding to buy a particular model in order to make sure that you are buying a device that can handle your snow clearing needs.


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