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6 Signs that Your Kid is Gluten Intolerant

A lot of people suffer from gluten intolerance. While it’s easy for an adult to figure this out, for a child it can be more complicated. You have to analyze your child and to look for certain signs to figure out if he’s gluten intolerant. Therefore, if you want to find out what are the 6 signs that your child is gluten intolerant, read the following lines.

1. Skin rash

Skin rashes in children are common. The sources of these skin rashes are often undiscernable. If your child has a rash within hours of gluten consumption, or within 36 hours after consuming gluten, it’s a signal that the small one’s body doesn’t tolerate gluten. To make sure that the small one isn’t in danger, use the bread maker to prepare gluten-free bread for the child to consume. Baking bread in such a machine is a lot easier than baking it in the oven. If you decide to buy a bread machine, first read some reviews on so that you can decide which unit would be the best choice for you. By baking your own bread at home, the child will remain safe and he will be able to eat as much bread as he wants.

2. Digestive issues

Another sign of gluten intolerance in children is when they have digestive issues. If the small one has difficulty breaking down the proteins after consuming a product that is rich in gluten, it’s time to eliminate it from the child’s diet. The signs that the small one has digestive issues linked with gluten consumption are bloating, gas, constipation, and diarrhea.

3. Dizziness and loss of balance

In case the child is gluten intolerant and he continues to consume gluten, his nervous system will become inflammated. The symptoms of the inflammation of the nervous system are dizziness, loss of balance, and tingling toes and fingers. If you notice these symptoms, feed your child only homemade gluten-free bread prepared in the bread maker. By using the bread maker you will save time and put minimum effort into making the bread.

4. Frequent colds

If the child is gluten intolerant, the small intestine and colon become gummed up with undigested gluten. Therefore, the body has less than optimal flora environment. If you couple the poor flora environment with a depleted adrenal response, you have a child with a vulnerable immune system that will be more predisposed to colds.

5. Headaches and joint pain

The causes of an ongoing headache or joint pain are many. The inflammation that appears throughout the child’s body from the gluten intolerance is a common symptom of these stubborn headaches and joint pains. Basically, the body heats up in response to the irritants that have invaded and it tries to fight them off.

6. Dark circles under the eyes

The dark circles that appear under the child’s eyes are a sign of food intolerance. The small one’s body fights against the foods that it can’t digest. If you start noticing dark circles around the child’s eyes, change his diet to a gluten-free diet, and the small one will definitely look and feel better.


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