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The Scion FR-S – A Sports Car for 2013

It is probably yesterday’s news to car aficionados that in 2013, Toyota and Subaru launch a new sports car, the Scion FR-S, which stands for Front-engine, Rear drive, Sport. The project was reportedly initiated by Toyota, at the request of its president Akio Toyoda, who wanted the company to build a sports car. Both Subaru and Toyota will launch similar models to the FR-S this year, respectively the new BRZ sports car and Toyota’s two FT-86 concepts, yet both companies have to wait until the Tokyo launch in December to present this special automobile.

Although the FR-S was supposedly a project initiated by Toyota, Subaru says they were the ones who approached the Japanese company proposing a number of ideas, out of which Toyota chose what we will see as the Scion FR-S. Moreover, Toyota is said to have insisted the car have a rear-wheel drive, to which Subaru agreed. The FR-S, with its 200 horsepower engine, 2.0-liter four-cylinder 4U-GSE boxer, overall weight of 2700 lbs and Prius tires (confirmed by chief engineer Tetsuya Tada), is sure to make a lot of fans when it becomes available.

As we’ve mentioned, there is some confusion when it comes to really deciding who is more responsible for this project. Toyota agrees that most of the work was done by Subaru, yet maintain that the projects and development were handled by them, whereas Subaru merely executed their orders. What we know is that Subaru provided the chassis and platform, whereas Toyota brought in its eight-injector direct and port fuel injection. The design and appeal of the car were Toyota’s responsibility as well, and Subaru got to deal with assembly. Who should get more credit for the FR-S is not that important, but the fact that this is an agile car that requires an experienced driver, is. And if you’re not a very good driver, you’ll want to be.

The car is fitted with a stability control button which deactivates when pressed for three seconds, but for those not used to a rear-drive, a bit of practice and precaution would do well, especially when considering its skinny Prius tires. Supposedly, test-drives show the car may not be very powerful, but has a good electric steering system, which makes it a very playful car.

Many more could be said about the 2013 Scion cars – FR-S, and there are already some test-drive reviews on the internet that could give some idea of what the car is like, but the fact remains we have to wait till next spring to be able to purchase it around the world. As for price, it is said to range somewhere around $ 25.000 US.


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