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4 Ways Your Family Can Continue To Be Great Seahawks Fans During the Off Season

As the 2018 NFL season comes to an end, your family of zealous Seahawks fans are likely still recovering over the fact the Seahawks didn’t make it past the first round of the playoffs. However, next year’s football season will be here before you know it! Even though the season is over, that doesn’t mean it’s time to stop showing your team pride! Here are four ways your family can show you’re loyal fans no matter the circumstance.

Keep Wearing Your Team’s Merchandise

The best way to show the world that your family still cares about the Seahawks no matter what time of year is to continue wearing team merchandise. Keep out all your team jerseys, beanies, baseball caps, and T-shirts and make a point to wear them occasionally. You can even let the smallest members of your family show their team spirit with a Seahawks onesie.

Don’t Miss the 2019 Draft

Although there are about two months between the Superbowl and the draft, make sure to keep your family’s pride alive by making a day of watching the 2019 draft together. While it might not be as exciting as watching a game, you’ll want to know what new promising rookies will make their way onto the Seahawks team come September.

Plan for a Family Fantasy League

If your family consists of all football fans, a good way to prepare for the 2019 season is to make a family fantasy football league. It will be a fun way to compete against family members when the time comes, and everyone will feel motivated to keep up on current sports news to prepare.

Watch Preseason Games

Everyone knows that preseason games are sloppy and nothing like the real thing, but it can help satisfy your family’s football craving if you all are struggling to wait! Plus, you’ll get a small sneak peek into how the Seahawks might do this upcoming season.


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