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How hard is it to be a parent you’re asking?

Although we take into account many aspects that can occur when we will be parents, we can’t know exactly what will it be like unless and until we become parents. Let’s say that “we do not get any sleep at night” But we can’t really do so when we lost so many nights for no specific purpose watching the TV or at parties?

It is hard to be a parent. This expression can only be understand if you had a children or if you had a pet to which you got attached as much as you would to a human being that is yours, a child. Most parenting popular cocktail recipes include ingredients such as patience, sacrifice, imagination and willingness to change. Things are even more challenging when it comes to discipline, because punishments can often lead to bad family relationships.

Here are some parenting tips that any parent should take into account when trying to take care of their child. It’s hard to be a fulfilled parent, especially to be satisfied that you did everything depended on you for your child to succeed in life, to give him the best you can, let him see that he made more than you did … this is what always bothers me. A good parenting tip is to not consider the energy that we must consume with the children as the problem. I do not think that the solution to taking a better care of out children is to completely discard ourselves. We don’t have to renounce to ourselves in the benefit of our kids. If we do so, we might end up resenting our children which could lead to bad family relationships, Instead, we have to organize ourselves different from what we did at 20 years. We can still have time for our habits… we just have to change the hour and or the day to do it.

Who gives up the small pleasures of life as (to stay in bed until later in the weekend, to drink cocktail with your friends after work, to go to the hairdresser every month, to dance in clubs and go to the hairdresser, to buy clothes you see in the window of a shop), I mean in particular to us girls – I think that over time we will come to the conclusion that we could have made all but ….” now is too late”. We should not reach old age gathering today a regret, tomorrow a sorry feeling. Your child will have his own way in life and all “cancels” (for so we see this give ups sometimes) mean nothing to him because he did not felt them. Besides, we can live without the little joys of life. A bad parenting tip is to give up all that we meant for us at the age of 20 years. I do not think you should follow that one.

When learning to develop your parenting skills, one of the main things that you must familiarize yourself with is positive parenting. This concept involves dismissing punishments in favor of positive reinforcement. In order to apply this, you must think of some pleasant ways of spending time with your family. By doing so, the child will feel that they live in a safe environment where it is all right to make mistakes yet you must not repeat those mistakes, especially when they hurt other people. A great way to spend time with family is to organize a family game night. Buy some board games and prepare some non alcoholic cocktails. The cocktails will be very well received by the children in particular because they like to pretend they are grown ups. You can find a lot of great cocktail recipes on Once the cocktails are ready, start the board game fun.


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