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Nutrition Tips for Parents

The most important period when a parent should follow a nutrition plan is for both parents when they are conceiving a baby, but extremely important for a woman is to follow it not only during the pregnancy but also to follow a nutrition plan after the baby was delivered. Vegetarian mothers have a high risk for vitamin deficiencies that are usually found in animal products. Many prenatal and postnatal popular cocktail recipes include breastfeeding multivitamins and minerals.

I will give you here some nutrition tips to keep in mind for the period following after you deliver a baby. You might say that you don’t need any nutrition tips and that you have no reason for which to follow a nutrition pattern. But I will give you three reasons for which you should follow this nutrition tips that I’m giving out here.

One: You as a mother that passed trough such a hard time during the labor, your body has to recover.

Two: Although your kid is not still attached to you with an umbilical cord he still feeds form you since he feeds on your milk, thus he still needs you to take care of your nutrition. OK I will explain a bit. The baby eats your milk. Your milk is produced by the mammal glands and it contains a large variety of elements that are found in your blood. These elements are getting in your blood from the intestine so in practice every element found in your milk is also found in your food so you should make sure you have the optimum quantity and quality of all this elements in order to sustain both you and your child.

In the third place you might have an allergenic reaction since mothers are susceptible o them; in this case your illness is affecting the gastrointestinal barrier allowing allergens to penetrate into the blood stream, and thus into the milk.

Here is a nutrition tip that you might not like, a list of foods you shouldn’t eat.

First I will list the foods that are not recommended to any mother that is still feeding her child.

  • Alcohol (including beer), tobacco (nicotine and alcohol have toxic actions on the child)
  • Alcoholic cocktails that can be harmful, although some have little alcohol (there are many non-alcoholic popular cocktail recipes you can replace them with)
  • Chocolate
  • Crabs, crayfish, mackerel, fish eggs
  • Do not drink tea or coffee concentrated that can be irritating action on the nervous system of the child
  • The placing of onions and garlic in food
  • Sour
  • Spices and sauces
  • Marinated foods

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