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Indoor Air Analysis – What Lurks in the Air and How You Can Improve Its Quality

Have you ever wondered what can be found in the air we are breathing? Understanding and controlling the pollutant elements that can be found in our homes and workplaces can help us improve the indoor air, by making some basic changes and improving our health condition.


For example, radon is one of the most common air pollutants that is formed in the soil. Every time you are opening windows or doors, it gets inside your house. Radon can seriously affect your lungs, unfortunately leading to lung cancer, and is the second major factor that poses this risk after smoking.

Volatile organic compounds

They are usually emitted by a wide range of chemical products that we are using in households. Check the list below.

    • cleaning products;
    • air fresheners;
    • pesticides;
    • paint and wax;
    • aerosol sprays;
    • disinfectants;
    • fuels and automotive products;
    • glues and adhesives and the list goes on.

The risks that all these substances pose may include:

    • several kidney, liver and central nervous system;
    • nose, eye and throat irritations;
    • dizziness;
    • allergic skin reactions;
    • headaches;
    • cancer

Environmental tobacco smoke

This smoke is a combination of a burning cigar’s smoke and the smoke exhaled by smoking people, which is also known as passive smoking. This type of smoke contains over 6000 poisonous elements that can lead to human and animal cancer and raises the risk of heart diseases and stroke.

Combustion pollutants

These are particles that come from burning materials. In a home, they can come from different heating systems that we all use during cold seasons.

    • fireplaces;
    • gas stoves;
    • dryers;
    • wood stoves

Of course, the amount of pollutants emitted depends on the type of appliances that you have at home, considering what type of fuel they use, their maintenance and if they are vented or not. The main idea is that all these appliances produce high amounts of carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide. Both of them are colorless and odorless gases, that in excessive amounts can lead to:

    • eyes, nose and throat irritation;
    • nausea;
    • shortness of breath;
    • respiratory infections;
    • death

Asthma triggers

This kind of triggers can be found everywhere, in your house, in your children schools, and at your workplace. They are everywhere around us and can give unexpected health effects.

    • mold;
    • dust mites;
    • pet hair;
    • smoke;
    • household products

Improving indoor quality

Controlling the sources of pollution may sound…not impossible but, a little vague. But you could make some major changes in your house, like making your home a “no-smoking” area, maintaining a well-balanced humidity level and regularly cleaning the house and removing pet hair. By doing all these things you will also eliminate dust and prevent mold from growing.
You can check your air quality and by case, if the results indicate higher levels of Radon, you should probably ask for a specialist’s advice and see what can be done.
Eliminate asthma triggers by creating a regular home-cleaning schedule.

    • Chose allergen-proof bed sheets, pillows and mattresses;
    • Place air-filtering plants around your house;
    • Regularly clean and dust your home;
    • Keep pests away by covering all the cracks from the house and don’t leave food out;
    • Water leaks lead to mold, so you should check your walls and floors;
    • Don’t let anyone smoke in the house;
    • Try to keep humidity levels around 40%-50%;
    • Stay away from buying products that contain synthetic fragrances;
    • You can use lemon juice and soda for your kitchen’s cleaning;
    • Try to keep your animal companions away from soft furniture and bedrooms

These are ideas on how you could improve your indoor air quality by doing little changes in your house. They are not impossible, and they definitely would bring significant results shortly, if everybody would be able to understand the huge impact that some of our daily activities can have on our health condition.

Modern tech tools

Nowadays, people are constantly in a hurry, everything seems to happen fast and everybody is too busy to keep everything under control. This is the reason why the latest market has been so generous and created various devices and tools that could ease or job in a lot of situations like dehumidifiers, air purifiers, vacuum robots and other user-friendly inventions. Depending on available budgets and needs, we could choose anytime methods that are able to bring us great results without spending too much money. Plus these gadgets are attractive by their designs and features and look great with the furniture.


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