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How to Find the Best Stairlift for Your Aging Parents

House renovation is often necessary, but the cost is less compared to retirement homes. The stair lift is a real solution for people who have mobility impairments without actually having to change their home. Stair lifts prevent any accidents from happening and provide a comfortable life for the long term. When it comes to finding a great stair lift for your aging parents, you must consider these following aspects:

How does it work?

A stair lift has three main sets: an electric engine block, one or more rails, a chair. The rails are fixed directly on the steps with a clamp (the structure of the staircase is not changed); the motor is powered by batteries. The success of the elevator and staircase is due to the simplicity of its principle, therefore its use: the user installs the chair at the top or bottom of the steps, operates a command, and the chair goes to the other end of stairs.

Types of stair lifts

There are different types of stair climbing adapting to all kinds of interior and stairways.
The main types of stair lifts found on the market are:

  • Straight stair lifts: are the easiest to install, therefore the cheapest.
  • Curved stair lifts: adapt to many configurations of stairs but are more expensive to install.
  • Wheelchair platform stair lift: the platform stair lift has the same principle as a stair lift but is adapted to accommodate a wheelchair.
  • Outdoor stair lifts: a revolutionary chair used to climb steps leading up to a front door
  • Chair lift: same principle as the stair lift but the rail is fixed in height.
  • The escalator: reliable and comfortable, it is found mostly in malls and stores.

It must be both functional and practical

The installation of a stair lift is part of the overall dynamics of current policies on home care; this solution has several advantages. The stair lift must be configured to both functional constraints of the user and the technical constraints of the house. Two studies must be carried out: an ergonomic assessment of the user and a technical study of the environment of stairs.

  • The main functional constraints are the use of upper and lower limbs, the sitting posture, weight, sense of balance and physical ability of the user.
  • The main technical constraints are the width of the staircase, the space downstairs and upstairs, the ceiling of the stairwell.


A stair lift project demands much less time and money: the configuration of the house remains unchanged, the device is placed in a few hours with a simple mounting system.
In general, the price range of a stair lift, including installation, is between $2,000-$5,000 or it can go up to $15.000 for stair lifts with more features. Moreover, unlike a nursing home, no additional expenses is generated because the autonomy of the user is regained. In order to compare several products and choose one which is both efficient and affordable, check out the stair lift reviews published on The reviews will also help you understand how these products differ from one another and which features can make a difference.


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