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House Chores that Children Can Do Based on Their Age

If you assign house chores for your children and you make them part of the routine that involves cleaning and maintaining a nice house, it doesn’t mean that you are a bad parent that is forcing their children to perform hard jobs. On the contrary, it means you are preparing them to become responsible and active adults. The only rule is to keep their age in mind so that the chores assigned will not seem too difficult. Here is what your kids can do around the house depending on their age.

Under age 4

Kids under the age of 4 can perform light chores that don’t imply strength but are based more on organization. You can ask them to sort their dirty clothes by colors and to put them in laundry baskets, they can collect all their toys once they are done playing, or they can bring the plates and cutlery for you to set the table.

Age 4 to 6

Kids this age can perform all the previous chores plus they can help you clean off the table, throw away dirty towels, arrange books on a shelf, or even clean their bedroom. Depending on the abilities of your child, you can ask them to help you put the dishes in the cabinets and dust the furniture.

Age 6 to 9

As your kids get older, you can add more complex chores like wiping the fridge door, cleaning the bathroom sink, taking out the garbage, folding the laundry, or sweep the floors. Older kids can even load and unload the dishwasher or washing machine under your surveillance or wash small amounts of dishes by hand. They can also help you take the groceries from the car to the house and assist you while you prepare the meal, helping you with light chores.

Age 9 to 12

Starting with the age of 9, kids can perform even more house chores as they start being more careful and responsible. You can ask them to vacuum the floors using a light vacuum cleaner that is safe and easy to use, they can take out the garbage, they can take care of the pets, water the flowers and perform light gardening chores, and they can use almost every appliance in the house.

Age 12 and above

Children over 12 years old can even mow the lawn using a lightweight lawn mower that they can easily push along the grass. If you have an older mower which is hard to push, noisy and often gets clogged, you might want to see which will be the best lawn mover in 2016 and upgrade your older model. Moreover, make sure that the child understands that this device can be quite dangerous and that they should never try to unclog it or fix it in any way, should it ever experience problems. The best lawn mover in 2016 should come with some safety features in order to be easy to use by people of old ages.

Teenage kids canĀ  also prepare an entire meal by themselves, they can iron the clothes, they can clean the kitchen and the bathroom, they can help you tidy the basement or the garage, they can babysit younger siblings, and they can even wash the car outside.


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