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Home Renovations that Can Improve Your Family’s Health

From time to time, any house requires some renovations in order to make it more solid and durable in time. These renovations can also help you protect and improve your family’s health. Here are the aspects you must consider when you start renovating your home.

Remove the parts that include lead and asbestos

Homes that have been built before the 1980s contain only lead-based paint because that was the most popular back in the days. Lead is extremely harmful to your health and long-time exposure to this toxic substance can cause severe brain damage and even death in people with a poor immunity system. Asbestos was also popular in the construction industry and was often included in the ceiling, the insulation, and the floors. Before starting any remodeling, you must have a professional check your house for lead and asbestos so you will know which parts you need to replace and remodel.

Use safe substances

The main concern regarding remodeling is represented by the high amounts of harmful substances that are used along the process. Therefore, you must limit the use of these items starting by using lead-free paint that is safer for your family’s health. The children’s bedroom must be redecorated using lead-free paint because they are the most prone to developing health problem caused by lead. You must also avoid using sealants and glues that release harmful gasses into the air and keep the windows opened while performing the home renovations.

Make the stairs safer to use

Homes with multiple floors include stairs that often become a safety hazard especially for those who have mobility impairments and for seniors who experience difficulties and pain while going up and down the stairs. You can keep your family members safe from accidents involving the stairs with the help of a device called a stair lift. This consists of either a chair or a platform that is installed on the rail of your staircase. A great thing about installing a stair lift is that you will not have to perform serious modifications on your staircase or rail as stair lifts are compatible with most of the staircase types.

Make sure the house is perfectly sealed

When you renovate your house, make sure you insulate it very well and seal all the vents and air ducts that connect the interior of your house with the exterior. Many outdoor pollutants can get inside your house through these holes that you believe to be harmless. Holes and cracks in the structure of your house, windows and doors that don’t close tightly, and vents that allow outdoor air to come inside also contribute to the changes of temperature in your house. A drafty house will never stay warm in the winter, which can cause flu and colds among your family members.

Consider installing a sauna

When you decide to renovate the bathroom, consider installing a sauna that will bring many benefits to the health of your entire family. Besides the relaxing effect that it has on the muscles, the sauna can also increase your heart rate, it can help your body eliminate toxins, it can improve your blood circulation, and it can alleviate pain. If you don’t want to go through the bothersome process of building a sauna, consider buying one which is already made. On you can find a lot of pre-made home saunas. There are many options to choose from, from 2 person to 4 person saunas, or indoor and outdoor saunas.


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