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Get Free Legal Advice

Yes it is true you heard right you can indeed get free legal advice. You might wander how or where and how often. Ok I will try to give you some tips on how to get this but first you’ll have to ask yourself if you need a free attorney or if you can pay for one but not as much as it would ordinary cost you.

We all know that we need legal advice in many fields the most common is to ask an attorney for advice when you open a business but as you might already know the service is quite expensive. However if you could make the math you would notice that not getting legal advice can get you in a lot of trouble especially since there are so many variable in all the lows that there are out there.

Let’s think about the people that need legal advice they are millions and if we think hard enough we will realize that there are almost just as many attorneys or low students that require experience. How will this people get experience? Quite simple they will either start giving legal advice for free from the time they are still in school usually if you go to a school of lawyers and ask around you will eventually be pointed into the right direction if you need free legal advice. Many of them after finishing their studies get jobs into lawyer companies some of the bigger ones actually have specialized divisions of “pro bono” workers which is a Latin phrase that means for the good of the population. Such a department can be of help in any legal advice matter no matter how demanding it might be.

Of course if there is no such lawyer company in your city you can ask for such a service to any lawyer cabinet and you should get a positive response most of the time since attorneys have a certain compassion and self esteem. After they become attorneys, the students might not want to give free advice but you can still get something, you can get them to barter with you if you are persuasive enough. If you have a kid or friend in the law school you can ask them for free legal advice and they will gladly help you out. I hope that now that the bird is out I hope that not everyone will ask for free services.


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