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Converting Your Garage into a Living Space

Do you need more space for yourself, or do you want to enjoy the spare time with your family and friends in a larger space? Have you ever thought about making a living space from your garage? Yes, this is an option that can be taken into consideration and that can truly work. We all know that garages are meant for keeping the cars but many homeowners park outside the house and since it remains empty it can clearly be modified in a useful way. So, if you need some extra space for your activities you can convert it into a gym, office, or you can just make another room. Let’s take a look at this research that informs you concerning this transformation.

Housing space

If your garage is very large that can house more than one vehicle, changing it into a living space may not be the best idea. Spacious possessions can be devalued in case they do not own a special place for vehicle storage. Think about adapting the garage only if it is usable for just one thing (living). Usually, due to this problem, most of the garages are undertaken in some areas. Make sure that you agree for a permission with the local authorities to do this change.


The second step is obviously represented by the utilities because they play a major role in this equation. One important aspect is the electricity, most of the garages have electric lightning but this is all. So when you decide to make this transformation you will have to boost the electricity and you will be needed to hire a specialist in order to solve the gas and plumbing situation. According to the space you will build, you will have to consider network cabling and telephony, too. These are the most important utilities that you have to take into consideration and make sure that you do this with professionals in order to obtain the best result.

Door openings

After you have made a well-established plan of the building and its interior parts, what will you do with the garage door? If you take it off the garage will be hard to be converted back. The best solution is to keep the door, it will look the same on outside but on the interior just put a false wall to create the same design with the other walls. More than this, it is recommended to purchase a garage door opener and things will be safer for your personal space. Garage door openers offer protection and versatility so you will not have to be worried that someone can enter when you are not at home. There is a large area of this type of products and you can choose between automatic, electric and smart door openers.


Flooring is another important aspect to discuss about. It is known that the garage floors are usually cold so it will be bothering and uncomfortable to keep them the same in the new room. In order to solve this problem it is better to insulate the surface but before doing this, rise the room’s floor to make a hole. Start fixing the panels and then apply any type of material you want such as vinyl, carpets, mats and so on. Also, laminate insulation is a very good idea.

Walls and windows

Walls must meet some conditions, too. For instance, external walls have to be resistant to humidity and to be insulated. The interior walls must meet some terms, too, that means of being fireproof. After you have considered these aspects, place the windows, the recommended ones are those with a metal frame because they are more durable. Windows have also to be insulated and when installing them make sure that they offer you a certification.

As you have seen above there are some aspects to examine before starting this change but they can be worth doing it. Creating this living space you will be able to do more activities and to obtain the perfect relaxing place.


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