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Baby Nursery Checklist for First-Time Mothers

There is a tone of things you must prepare when expecting a baby. As an upcoming mother, it is possible to feel overwhelmed because it seems that you don’t know exactly what you are doing. Shopping all day doesn’t mean that you are necessarily taking the right things for the big moment. It is better to try organizing your ideas and maybe write down what are the essential things that you will use after giving birth. Of course, the décor of baby’s room surely looks adorable, but besides that, it needs pieces of furniture and objects around that will help you care the little one in the safest and easiest manner possible.
Let`s see what are the first things that you will definitely need that very moment.

Crib or cradle

This is essential, although you will probably use a Moses basket in the first months and keep the baby near your bed, it is fine if you are preparing in advance for this stage, you will definitely use it. Be careful what type of crib you are choosing, it is important to pick one along with a high-quality mattress that is able to provide a comfortable and interrupted sleep.


Be careful with the type of mattress that you are picking up, make sure it is made of certified organic materials and without toxic substances or odors added. Try to get one that is made of organic cotton, is light weighted, comfortable and safe.


Generally, pillows are recommended for children over 2 years old. But once you are getting the bed and mattress you should probably check this too on your list, times passes by so fast that you even don’t realize when they start talking, walking and other incredible things. You should try using bamboo pillows from the beginning, they provide a great support and are made of hypoallergenic material from bamboo fibers. They are great also because being machine washable, means that you don’t have to do an extra effort when cleaning them.

Dresser and changing table

They are important pieces of furniture to have in the baby’s room because you can store in them everything you need, clothes, diapers, blankets and other stuff that you need for the baby’s care. A changing table is important because it will be the place where you will change the little one’s diaper and clothes and do the all the necessary hygiene ritual.

Diaper disposal system

In the first months of life, babies don’t need this kind of objects because they are still breastfeeding, but over the time when they start eating solid food these gadgets will really come in handy. Not only that is more comfortable to easily dispose of the diapers in a second while carrying the baby, but they come with great features that minimize nasty odors.

Baby monitor

It is important to keep an eye on an infant every second of the day. But you can’t always stay right next to the crib. You probably should choose one that has more than one receiver, so you can place one in your bedroom and another in the living room or another place you use to spend more time. This way you will be able to fully monitor the little one and be in the right place at the right time.

Rocking chairs

These chairs can create a relaxing and bonding atmosphere for you and your baby. You can relax yourself using the chair’s pleasant motion that gently puts you and the little one to sleep in just a second. You can choose one that is best for your budget and that fits great with the room’s décor.

Medicine cabinet

This is an important part of the nursery list that not everybody thinks about. Because adult medicines are dangerous for babies, you can use a personalized cabinet where you can store separate infant-friendly health supplies. You are free to store in it everything you will need for the baby’s care in case of an emergency.

  • Infant nasal drops;
  • Baby oil in case of very dry skin;
  • Wound cream;
  • A fever reducer;
  • Teething medication;
  • Infant pain reliever;
  • A rectal thermometer;
  • Diaper rash cream;
  • Hydrocortisone cream in case of insect bites and itches

Nursery lamps and nightlights

These are truly necessary objects that you will want to have in the baby’s room for sure. In their first weeks of life, newborns wake up at every 2 or 3 hours per night with the need of being fed and changed. Turning a powerful light every time you need to check your baby is bad for both of you. In this case, a warm light provided by a nursery lamp will give you the right amount of light that you will need in any of your activities during the night time.


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