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Adapt Your Elderly Parents’ House so that They Can Face the Challenges of Old Age

Getting older is a natural process. Once we get older we lose some of our movement abilities, the eyes don’t help us as much as they used to do and there are so many parts of our body that hurt when if we try to use them only a little bit! We must be understanding both with out dear elderly parents and with us when we’ll get older. You can adapt your parent’s house so that they can easily face the challenges of old age.

Highly important home modifications

The most important home modifications that you need to make are related to the bathroom. This is the room that has the highest risk of danger. Everything around here tends to be slippery and wet. Even young healthy people are sometimes almost a step away from falling in their own bathroom, what is there more to say about your elderly parents. You must install some grab bars in all over your bathroom. You can disguise them as towel racks. Always make sure that they have towels in them. You have to mount some grab bars around the toilet and around the bathtub and shower. You must put some non-slippery matts inside the shower cabin or afoot your parents’ bathtub. Sometimes it’s very difficult for your parent to have a sit inside the bathtub or to stand up straight so much time. Make sure you put a built-in seat in the shower.

Very important home modifications

Another great potential danger is found around the stairs. You can ease your parent’s heart by installing a stair lift.  Make sure it blends in the decor of your living room so that the transition towards using it daily to be more smoothly. You can install a second stairs railing so your parent can securely hold on it while climbing the stairs. If you have an outdoor staircase, you might also want to look for the best outdoor stair lift, so that your parents can leave the house without depending on you. To avoid any potential dangers make sure that all the important rooms (including your parent’s dormitory) are found downstairs. If this thing is not possible then you need to install two light switches – one upstairs, another downstairs and if possible to illuminate every step of the way. If you can install an elevator in your house than do so.

Important home modifications

All the objects in the kitchen must be easy to reach. The microwave oven and all functional kitchen appliances must be positioned at the waist level. The doors must be easy to open, the same as the drawers in your parents’ house. The handles must be C- or D-shaped so your parents not to force their hands when maneuvering them. After a certain age curving the hand in a certain position may be very upsetting and hurtful and we must try to avoid that as much as we can. As far as the bedroom goes, it your parents suffer from back pain, offer them a quality memory foam mattresses. On you can find a wide variety of memory foam mattresses. However, if your parents suffer from asthma or other respiratory problems, consider a natural latex mattress, as memory foam tends to release some unpleasant odors. Latex mattresses are more expensive, yet they offer the same support as memory foam mattresses, without releasing any odors and without retaining heat.


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